Careers for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

Are you an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander-university graduate looking for a dynamic and rewarding career in a high profile organisation?

When you work with the Department of Home Affairs, you are part of a diverse and dynamic workforce dedicated to keeping Australia prosperous, secure and united. The Department of Home Affairs offers graduates a range of interesting opportunities and unique experiences.

The the Department of Home Affairs’ Graduate Development Program offers a variety of hands-on experiences with formal development opportunities over the duration of the 12 month program. Graduates experience various workplace rotations within the Department to build a diverse range of skills and knowledge.

This program also offers access to a great support network of managers and Senior Executive Services Officers (SES) and participation in internal and external activities such as:

  • Secretary’s book club
  • Graduate projects
  • Refugee week grad bake-off
  • ASPC Graduate events
  • Graduation ceremony

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