Dressing professionally at your interview can actually convince your prospective employer that you’re serious and a great fit for the position. But the challenge is not knowing the kind of attire that will persuade or dissuade an interviewer that you can dress the part when given the job.
Therefore, you want to present yourself as a consummate professional with impeccable grooming – defined by attention to detail. You need to consider every single aspect of your appearance.

Here’s your guide to deciding what to wear to a job interview:

Tip #1 – Research the company

Be familiar with the company’s dress code by obtaining the relevant information from its social media accounts or its website. You can even show initiative and call the HR Department to ask about the dress code. This action demonstrates your eagerness to succeed in the interview.

Tip #2 – Dress According to the Industry (examples)

  • The Corporate Industry (finance, healthcare, sales sectors) – often requires men to wear a suit and either a pantsuit or a tailored business dress for women. 
  • Media or Creative Industries – Your personality is possibly your biggest asset for the job. So, you can show it through a patterned outfit or unique accessories.
  • Retail Industry – management will always look favourably on a potential employee who wears the store’s products, or dresses on-trend, to the job interview. 
  • Hospitality, Trade, Childcare Industry – However, business casual attire is usually the best, or safest, option. Business casual is less formal than traditional business wear but gives a professional and businesslike impression. It is more dressy than jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers, yet less formal than a suit and tie.

Tip #3 – Accessorise

Tie your outfit together with accessories that help you look confident and professional. Thus, spend time considering what works with your chosen interview outfit. 

Ideally, your accessories should be subtle and should complement your whole look. When wearing accessories to an interview, follow the classic rule: Less is more.

What NOT to Wear to a Job Interview

The way you dress up makes the best first impression possible. There are some you should avoid for your next interview. Regardless of the industry, the following items are deemed unprofessional:

  • Open-toed shoes, sneakers, and runners
  • Dated Fashion
  • Wacky or Novelty Ties
  • Thin-strapped singlet, muscle shirts for men, and casual slogan t-shirts
  • Jewellery that is too bright or too noisy
  • Shorts
  • Visible undergarments
  • Crop tops, blouses, and dresses with plunging necklines
  • Overpowering perfume and cologne
  • Chipped or bright nail polish
  • Wrinkled clothing

In conclusion, what you choose to wear will vary depending on the type of job and company. Dress to make the best impression. But be aware that the outfit you choose depends on whether you’re interviewing at a company with a formal dress code, a casual startup, or an informal summer job or internship.

The goal is to not let your outfit detract from the focus on the interview which is you, your work experience, and how you would be the best fit for the job you want.